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What goes around comes around. After a few years of very little lesbian film production some interesting things are now falling down around us, and from strange avenues such as big Holywood blockbusters through to web series that are so good they rival network TV for quality. Life is certainly getting interesting in the lesbian film world.

I'm currently catching up on a backlog of movie reviews but I'm taking requests again, so if there's something you saw that you would like to see reviewed, please let me know by email or twitter at or @NancyAmazon.

Latest Film Reviews

Appropriate Behavior (2014) blue starblue starblue starblue star
Shirin is a self-involved narcissist going through one heck of a break up and emotional meltdown. This is an always passionate, sometimes disjointed, darkly funny, unique ride through the life of somebody we initially don't care about very much, but as Shirin conquers her own identity crisis, we come to understand her, and start to become engaged with her despite ourselves.

Carol (2015) blue starblue starblue starblue starblue star
Shot gloriously, costumed perfectly, filmed through half-opened doors and in mirrors, down from windows and up from the ground, swirling sometimes like a kite through the air until we land harshly on the cold ground, Haynes has produced a masterpiece world for his masterful actresses to play in. This is a sleek, bold, mesmerising look at the nature of love.

Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together (2011) blue starblue starblue star half
There's an authenticity to this film that's easy to like. It's a queer film wearing its queerness proudly. However the authentic lesbian life is punctuated with oddly placed fake-as-anything musical numbers that seem to make no real contribution to progressing the story. They just serve to unbalance what could have been a sweet, interesting film.


Appropriate Behavior
Jamie and Jessie are Not Together
Kyss Mig

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