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What was once unthinkable is now mainstream - lesbians are creeping out of the TV closet ever so slowly, and then BANG the closet doors are busted wide open by something as audacious as Orange is the New Black, or as classy as The Good Wife. And it's not just about coming out anymore. Today's TV lesbians are way beyond that. They're comfortable with their sexuality, and it just forms part of a wider range of stories that they can tell and be part of. Ten years ago we dreamed this day would come.

I'm telling you, gay is busting out all over, and TV is leading the way. I'm currently catching up on a backlog of movie reviews, but over the next few months I'm putting in a new section called TV Spotlight, which highlights some examples of lady love on the small screen - whether it's a series or just a single episode. So if there's something you saw that you would like to see reviewed, please let me know by email or twitter at or @NancyAmazon.

Latest Film Reviews

Kyss Mig (2011) blue starblue starblue starblue star half
While not the world's most groundbreaking film thematically, this is a beautifully shot, mature drama that rises well above the norm. The leads are charismatic and will pull you in - its an engaging love story marred only by a slightly saccharine romcom ending.

Mosquita y Mari (2012) blue starblue starblue starblue star
A slow, gentle film about a friendship between two young girls, and the forces beyond their control that conspire to ruin their happiness. This is a very gentle, intimate, nostalgic coming of age film that is a masterclass in the art of storytelling. Stay away if you get bored easily, but embrace it if you love movies with a real emotional payoff.

Cloudburst (2011) blue starblue starblue starblue star half
Dealing with an almost untouched area of life - growing old - Cloudburst is an often hilarious, but sometimes uneven, portrayal of two geriatric women desperate to prevent the world from coming between them. This a road trip full of love, laughter, language, loss, and of course, clouds.

TV Spotlight

Orange is the New Black (Season 1 - 2013) blue starblue starblue starblue starblue star half
Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, Orange is the New Black is more than just a prison show - it's an authentic, humane look at incarceration from an unexpected viewpoint. Part of a new wave of cinematic quality TV, this original Netflix series carries viewers effortlessly along on the strength of a brilliant cast, clever dialogue, and chemistry to die for between the leads.


Mosquita Y Mari
Orange is the New Black
Kyss Mig

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