No, this is not just an excuse to rank films based on sex!

Many readers have asked me to include in my reviews some kind of indication as to the sexual content of films. Some people want more sex, some people feel uncomfortable with sex. Some people are looking for a film that might introduce a family member to their sexuality, thus don't want too much full frontal nudity! (Though really, you should be previewing it first!)

For whatever reason, this has been an oft-requested feature. Let's face it, you can't rely on the standard film ratings for this when a simple, non-erotic lesbian kiss can earn a film an R rating, and a low key sex scene could push a film to NC-17. My rating system is a simple categorisation of what you can expect to see before you watch the film, so you can judge for yourself whether it is appropriate for your circumstances.

And for those people who want to know which films have the hot sex, it'll work for that too. For this I am unrepentant.

The sexual content ratings:
– Soft Porn, actual sex.
– Full-frontal nudity and/or extended simulated sex scenes.
– Artistic or medium level simulated sex scenes, no full nudity.
– Erotic kissing only.
– Non-erotic, short kissing scenes.
0 stars – Nada. You could happily show this to your grandmother

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